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19 novembre 18

Visiting an exhibition on the Internet

In our research for a new digital exhibition space, after the experience with agnes-cecile, the ideas developed were applied to an exhibition curated for the Museo della Montagna in Turin.

The concept of cinematic sequence, previously combined with the vertical scrolling of the page, has been adapted to integrate a large quantity of heterogeneous contents. The previous iteration was designed for a small number of images selected and matched with precision, but the display of objects relating to Albert Smith and the Mont Blanc included over 200 images, much more detailed captions and introductory texts for each chapter.

libre virtual exhibit

We designed and developed a platform able to compose sequences of images and texts from a library of predefined modules. Photos can be placed occupying half of the page, bleeding out or centered. There are modules for videos, captions and longer texts. The collections are divided into chapters, whose titles are automatically generated in the sequence. Other special objects are developed for each exhibition to revive the rhythm of the visit: interactive modules to digitally reproduce live experiences.

Each image can also be viewed at a higher resolution, as if you were approaching the exposed object, through a button on the right. The sequence can also be quickly navigated using an index that corresponds to jumping from one room to another in search of the most interesting topic.

Since the platform is reusable, the typographical and chromatic choices are varied from time to time to conform to the identity of the exhibition, making the product flexible and not alien to the communication of the exhibition.

The first realization of this project, built for the Museo della Montagna of Turin, is available on

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