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16 maggio 19

Robusta Taurinorum

A small book containing 22 articles regarding the industry and other contemporary issues concerning entrepreneurs in Italy. The volume is divided in half by a section of illustrations of all the past presidents of Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori, which is a subsection of the local branch of the federation Confindustria in Turin, Italy.

“The future belongs to the skilled, not to the alibis”, the message the president Alberto Barberis wants to leave as a legacy at the end of his mandate. The volume is titled “Robusta Taurinorum”, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of the manifesto “Una politica per l’industria” (Politics for the industry) that started the national movement of young entrepreneurs inside Confindustria, signed the by Vallarino Gancia, Salza and Altissimo

A limited run of 500 copies was distributed at the meeting “Futurabile”, held in May 2019 in Turin. The book is entirely set with Monument Grotesk, printed on Fedrigoni uncoated paper with a bold metallic copper color to get a richer yet very strong look.

17×23cm / 80 pp (Black + Pantone 876U)

swiss design book ![swiss design book](/dithered/ggi2.png, /dithered/ggi22x.png)
swiss design book ![swiss design book](/dithered/ggi4.png, /dithered/ggi42x.png)
swiss design book ![swiss design book](/dithered/ggi6.png, /dithered/ggi62x.png)
swiss design book ![swiss design book](/dithered/ggi8.png, /dithered/ggi82x.png)
swiss design book ![swiss design book](/dithered/ggi10.png, /dithered/ggi102x.png)
swiss design book

The book can be read online on Issuu.

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