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Confcooperative Piemonte Nord

Territorial branch of the Confederation of Italian Cooperatives (Confcooperative), a national association representing, assisting, protecting and reviewing the cooperative movement.

Given the very heterogeneous nature of the public of institutional sites like this one, it's quite rare to find clients that dare to build any project more sophisticated that the taste of the lowest common denominator. A silent consensus reportedly pushes towards an unconscious homologation to the most widespread method of communication.

For example, if every institutional website fills its drop-down menus with dozens of pages and sub-categories, why question their usability?

coop website

The project for Confcooperative Piemonte Nord has instead questioned many of the most commonly adopted preconceptions, such as the use of a sidebar, the abuse of news carousels or the use of large bands with stock images as the header of pages. The basic idea is instead a single column of content, as wide as the screen, which can produces interesting contrasts of scale depending on the context where it's opened.

coop website

coop website

The content is king, materialized in a huge typography. As this is an institution closely linked to the Piedmont and Turin areas, it was decided the use of local materials. A special version of Arial Grotesk was created by Alfatype, a Turin-based foundry, for Confcooperative Pimeonte Nord.

A set of modules are available on each page to layout the content: boxes, titles, information areas. Since every element is scaled proportionally to the window size, the website will be equally strong on any desktop and any phone.

Confcooperative Piemonte Nord is also the first website we built with full support for the operating system's dark mode.

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