19 September 2019
Tangenze Botaniche

Dynamic typography, exotic perfumes in planned visualisations, diagonal distorsions, sonic distillations. A sensory journey between plants coming from different cultures and continents, used to prepare spirits and distillates.

Rigid typographic experimentations, static, projected or in augmented reality, guide the visitor in exploring spices, vegetables and contemporary visual languages.

Tangenze Botaniche 1

Tangenze Botaniche 2
Short poems like were written for each main ingredient.

The event organized by Norma and hosted at the offices of The Spiritual Machine, a startup that creates natural dyes and distillates, was part of the Torino Graphic Days - In The City events and among the top 3 with the most presences.

Tangenze Botaniche 3

Tangenze Botaniche 4

Tangenze Botaniche 5

Tangenze Botaniche 6

Tangenze Botaniche 7

Tangenze Botaniche 8

Tangenze Botaniche 9

Illustrations: Davide Dutto
3D modelling: Samuel Sirca
Video, shader, AR: Luca Giraudo
Poems: Federico Ghillino

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